La Torretta is located in Grottaferrata just outside the Eternal City, in an area known as Castelli Romani.
La Torretta’s agriculture is certified organic Sidel and biodynamic Demeter.
The vineyard produces wine only using its own grapes, as well as honey and extra-virgin olive oil.
Maria and Riccardo are the brains and souls behind this wonderful adventure, and they firmly believe in doing things in harmony with nature,
and are proud to bring back prestige to the agricultural production of this enchanting and historical land.

The agriculture

The use of biodynamic processes and corn horn manure 500 and 500 p revitalise the root system of all the flora and extends the biodiversity of the land where the vineyard, orchard, and vegetable garden are based.
Seasonal green manure and manure heaps are used together with biodynamic procedures, the goal is to fertilise the surface of the soil and preserve its humidity level; a great deal of care is taken with these procedures because they help the plants to respond to factors such as climate change. In spring, when the leaves are growing, the horn silica known by experts as 501-horn manure is spread; this helps the light to be more effective during photosynthesis. Copper and sulfur treatments are used on the plants only when absolutely necessary. There are families of bees to strengthen the local general pollination. Furthermore, it is important to support bees during a period of difficulty caused by climate change.

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The cellar

La Torretta boasts a long winemaking tradition and has belonged to Riccardo Magno’s family for generations. In compliance with the local custom, we make the wine in an ancient cave dug by hand out of the tuff rock : the wine barrels are kept in the ramifications, protected from excessive thermal oscillations. Like others in the Castelli area, the cave was probably excavated during the construction of the antique cistern (100 A.C.) which serves as a foundation for the country house of La Torretta. Digging in the tuff, flints and pozzolana were found that were used to build the cistern, a material that was used to make the cisterns waterproof (Roman mortar).
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Our products

Natural wine is produced at La Torretta as well as extra-virgin olive oil, honey, jam, fruit, and vegetables. We are a Sidel certified organic grower and Demeter certified biodynamic farm that currently produces four wines – Bolle di Grotta, Torretta, Castagna and Malvasia.

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The family

The La Torretta estate was bought by Riccardo’s grandfather’s grandmother’s father in the second half of the 19th century. The property was large and supplied wine to several taverns in Rome and Castelli. La Torretta is still a family business run by Maria Enqvist and Riccardo Magno, and their children: the products are the result of a lasting bond between the history of the family and the history of the land.

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